Hangzhou Yaofei Garment Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Yaofei Garment Co., Ltd.
Main categories: Pajama sets, Sleepwear, Dresses, Robes
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Welcome to Yaofei

Our Advantage
1.We are Chinese satin silk pajamas suppliers top three.
2.Original designs and Appearance patent,we can provide you with the latest pictures.
3.Our sales will provide you with professional services.
For stock products
1.Low MOQ 1 piece,free samples.
2.New designs update within a week,develop 1,000 new styles every year.
3.Fast shipping within 1-3 days.
4.Usually it only needs 3-7 days on the way from China to USA.
For OEM and ODM products
1.Free samples
2.Draft within 1 hour
3.Samples within 2-5 days
4.Take a photo to confirm the sample or send it to confirm.
5.Bluk orders need 10-30 days.Our factory produces 250,000 pieces per month.
Company origin
In 2005, Yaoting, a sleepwear brand inspired by satin silky and focusing on high-end exquisite satin silky pajamas, was founded in Hangzhou Satin Silky City.
Company purpose
Our vision for the company is not limited to providing people with comfortable and high-quality homewear and pajamas. We hope to improve the quality of home for every family and embrace a better life.
Company Status
Now, we have become the top production factory in Taizhou, still sticking to the original vision, focusing on the design and production of high-end exquisite silk pajamas. We are always here.